Broadcast Communication Corporation is a leading provider of informational & business media content to thousands of major organizations worldwide delivering through many channels, such as Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, the Internet, Airlines, Cruise Ships, and Retail Stores.

BCC also offers companies a unique opportunity to have information about their services or products disseminated through thousands of respected media organizations worldwide.  Once BCC conducts some initial research on your company, we would then determine if you qualify for a national Major Media Campaign, based on your company’s activities, history, and status in your industry.
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Featured Project...

BCC is spearheading an international effort to rescue children from abuse and deprivation worldwide.  Each expedition is fully documented.

BCC  has made a commitment to make all efforts possible to support the improvement and advancement of children and the needy, worldwide.  BCC has formed an alliance with TOMA, a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of people worldwide.  Visit TOMA's website HERE.


Projects: Past and Present (scroll down to all project listings)

Carl White   See details HERE

Carl White (former Sports Anchor for NYC's FOX 5, 10"Clock News has created a sports-reality show that will bring the excitement and suspense of the big game directly into the hearts and minds of sports fans across America.

This thrilling sports-reality program is designed "get to the heart" of every obsessed sport-fan's wildest dream.   A presentation pilot of the program starring former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Larry Holmes, which can be viewed upon request with BCC.  The program is now in development for a potential network Debut in the Spring of 2008 on ESPN.



From 1997 to 2003, BCC  acted in the capacity of private consultants behind the scenes overseeing Mr. Mike Tyson’s fights for Mike Tyson Enterprises Inc.

Additional information available upon request.


In July of 2004, BCC  was hired by The Knockout Group, Inc. to do a complete Media ShockTM for George Foreman's biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products under the direction of Michelle Bellamy, the Director of Promotions & Media Relations and Liaison to George Foreman.  BCC  successfully created a TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine campaign for the product.  Among many of the radio and television shows, Mr. Forman was placed on the Tonight Show, starring Jay Leno.   See show list HERE.


Rise of the Shadow Warriors  Action-Adventure Film.

For centuries a secret society of assassins has silently walked in the shadows.  They have now emerged to destroy evil on a global scale.  They are…Lin Kuei - Rise of the Shadow Warriors

The story of Lin Kuei is based on the true story of the real shadow warriors working for the US Government to protect America.  The actual masters of the art - those that train the US special forces - will perform the action scenes, demonstrating a martial art that has never been seen before.


"Better than Pavarotti..."  Fernando Varela, 

An unbelievable Tenor, Fernando Varela sings in eight languages and many styles.  He is poised to be one of the all-time greats.  BCC is working with Fernando and Julio Varela, his father and manager, to generate worldwide exposure. We have currently booked him in India to sing before over 20,000 people at the end of August.   Several other engagements are currently being arranged by BCC .

See his website HERE.


BCC  is currently negotiating financing for a television reality show featuring one of NASCAR's top race car drivers.

Details available upon request. 


Ivonna Cadaver 

BCC  placed her in 51 counties in Europe in front of 120 million homes, assisted her in negotiations with her National Lampoon radio show, and created marketing materials and a full website to support her image.

Ivonna Cadaver, who's real name is Natalie Popovich, is the creator, producer and talent in her TV show, Macabre Theatre, shown in over 126 markets nationwide. 

See website HERE.



Written and produced by Michael Mandaville, is currently in pre-production.  "Newton's Apple" follows in a long line of traditional American themes in family comedies (e.g. The Nutty Professor) – an eccentric professor is an underdog fighting for his namesake institution, Newton College, from greedy land developers. He uses all his knowledge to go on a game show and win $158 million – to buy back his College. It is a classic case of the underdog fighting uphill – loved by audiences for generations.



Shaphan Roberts, CEO/ Managing Partner of, Major League Independent, LLC is a seasoned professional and accomplished market maker in the international and domestic arena. Mr. Roberts is now combining all of his experience and business alliances established over the past years, to build MLI into the premiere entertainment promotion and marketing company, worldwide.

With distribution throughout Europe, parts of India and Africa, MLI is quickly becoming the “go to” choice for a comprehensive marketing and promotions solution for today’s Independent Artist. MLI produces and distributes a weekly show featuring its top artist across their international and domestic networks. MLI’s show will drive traffic back to its artists; expediting exposure, fan base growth and encouraging music sales. BCC  is spearheading the marketing for MLI domestically and providing distribution for their show internationally.


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